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Use Flux Standard Actions for HTTP PATCH

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The canonical way to RESTfully apply a set of changes to a resource is through the use of the HTTP PATCH method. Although a lot has been said about how to use other HTTP verbs, the community has written comparatively less about PATCH for probably these two reasons: It didn’t make it into the HTTP/1.1 spec. It wasn’t until 2010 that PATCH was solidified into an RFC, so many APIs and frameworks had to be updated to accommodate for the newcomer. For example, AngularJS didn’t support it for nearly 4…read more


5 Useful JavaScript Array Methods

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JavaScript’s in-built Array type is as useful as it is powerful. However, there’s always some particular thing you need to do with an array and the language can’t do it with a built-in method. In the spirit of sharing, here’s 5 that I use in my projects to speed up development and make my code more self explanatory: Get The Last Item Returns the last item in the array. Definition


Remove Any Element If you have ever had to remove a specific item from an array, the…read more


Scheduling Things Better

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Those in the personal productivity sphere say that reducing the number of small decisions you have to make leaves you with more willpower to manage the more important things. That’s why Barrack Obama wears the same suit every day. However, self-improvement and managing your affairs usually comes with some sort of overhead. This can manifest itself in having to remember to wash your hair every 3 days, or who’s supposed to do the dishes today. Maintaining these routines means either using schedules and calendars to keep track of what’s supposed to…read more


A Practical SASS Project Structure

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This is an overview of how I structure the scss folder of my web projects: Overview Directory Structure

The Philosophy The idea is that splitting files is cheap and modularisation is king. Nothing should be included that doesn’t need to be and the cascade is maintained. In practice, this means that rules go from general to specific. The print stylesheet (print.scss) is a first-class citizen and is just as easy to create and maintain as the main screen stylesheet (screen.scss). Old-browser hacks and legacy-IE workarounds only get sent to…read more


ExitText: Remove Text To Design Without Reading

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I stumbled across a post on the UX StackExchange site posing an interesting question: How does an existing website look without text? Many of the answers (at the time of writing this post) didn’t address the core of the experiment. That is, what tool can be used to remove text on a webpage to better be able to assess its placement, density and design? This picture was attached to illustrate the effect: This was very interesting and seemed like a fun challenge, so I took it upon myself to find…read more


How Usable Is Your Brand Name?

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Imagine you’ve got a flight to catch in an hour. You jump in a taxi and say “take me to JFK.” The driver approves with a nod and 40 minutes later he pulls into the parking lot of what appears to be an industrial estate instead of an airport. With only twenty minutes until takeoff, you read the sign on the factory facade with dread: Jaffa Cakes Factory “No, I said JFK, not Jaffa Cake. We’re supposed to be at the airport!” Your shoulders drop. It’s too late now to…read more